Wednesday, 10 June 2009

ceramics elective

In my second year I took an independant elective in ceramics. I explored the idea of mixing textiles with clay. Instead of using a glaze on the surface, I used textiles to cover my pots.

This idea of interperting textiles into my ceramics work came from some ceramics work I did in my first year. Our class took a mixed crafts elective in which we had to design an item of jewellery......

The textiles are not seen here as they were inside the clay. I used lengths of wools and fabrics dipped in slip (liquid clay) and wrapped them around circles which I cut out of clay. When the circles are put into the kiln, the textiles fibres are burned away leaving the textures imprinted in the clay which was surrounding the wool and material. I then added a glaze before firing a second time. Finally I simply strung the circles together using string.

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