Thursday, 10 September 2009

My personal revamps... made for me!

I was given an old mirror, which was a yellowish gold colour, I resprayed it pink to clash with my soft green walls.

These shelves were dark brown before I muliticoloured them! a little bold but I love bright colours, and couldnt decide which colour to go for.

I found the perfect poster in hmv, Jimmy Hendrix sits nicley along side my shelves.

I also spray painted my brothers bin and washing basket which he left when he moved out.

These curtains and cushions I made from fabric which I bought.

I found this fabric in the cut offs in a material shop, this was the last of it. I loved the pattern but there wasnt enough in one colour for me to make a pair of curtains, so I made one in each colour!
The loops at the top I mixed up so the colours were carried over to both sides.
My mirror and candlestick.

The cushions I made with the left over fabric from my curtains.

This candle stick I found at a charity shop, it was bronze and rusty in places, so I resprayed it in pink to match my mirror.

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